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Podiatry Practice Location for Sale

The Fernando Foot clinic St. Vital is selling the location with all it’s equipment and supplies with the
retirement of Dr. Paz Fernando at the end of May 2024.

Any group or individual FCNs that may be interested in establishing a well located and well known
static clinic or interested in used podiatry equipment should contact:

Lisa Fernando,
General Manager,
The Fernando Foot Clinic St. Vital Branch
Email: fernandofootclinic@gmail.com
Phone: (204) 942-8820

Equipment available:

  • Podiatry Chairs/Surgical Tables with Operator’s Stools
  • Othofex Spray Drills
  • Statim 5000 Autoclave with Data Logger
  • M7 Speedclave
  • Attest Steam Incubator
  • Tuttnauer Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • J&J 15 Watt CO2 Surgical Laser with Smoke Evacuator
  • Orthotics Lab Setup
  • 20L Liquid Nitrogen Dewar’s Container
  • Liquid Nitrogen Gun and Tips
  • Koven Vascular Doppler with Toe Cuff
  • Miscellaneous Instrument Sets and Supplies
  • Canon 7000 Ecotank Multifunction Printer
  • Trolleys

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